Bugs finally dead.

Bunch of nubs in a roob of dead bugs

After a few weeks of bad setups, countless cancelling of raids, due to absents, bad battle.net, and different errors we finally managed to get a descent setup for a few raids to squash these annoying bugs.

We would like to wish all our raiders, members and friends a merry xmas and a happy new year. Hopefully we can have a good final race with Act 73 for server first after our extended xmas break. And that neither of us struggle with setups, members suddenly quitting out of the blue etc, disconnects, cancellation etc so the race is fair, and good. We appreciate the push we got after falling behind on the bugs, and seems to have motivated us more than before. Let the race begin, but first enjoy the holidays : )

Best wishes


Siegecrafter Blackfuse dead. 12/14


Small update, Thok the Bloodthirsty dead, 11/14 hc.

Many kites

Much derp

Eventually a kill

Thanks to Commy for these great illustrations

Recruitment open!

We are currently recruiting to fill up our roster. After some uncertainty and loss of a raiding member we need to fill up the blanks and considering 1 or 2 of the following

Any ranged dps

It wont hurt if you can fill both holy/ret pala roles and like it, or resto/balance druid. We would obviously prefer previous raiding members, or people with connections to the guild. Contact Khro in game, use sfapps@gmail.com, or add me on Cro#2897. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Edit: we are currently no longer recruiting, should you be super interested still, feel free to have a chat with one of us : )

Ra-Den Down, Throne of Thunder cleared!